Facts about Ethiopia

Surprising Facts About Ethiopia


1. There are Thirteen months to the year based on their own calendar, which means they are in 2014.


2. Ethiopians also measure the hours of a day to a different schedule based on the logic that the clock starts when the day does.


3. Ethiopia is the only African country never to have been brought under colonial control.

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4. The first cup of coffee in Ethiopia by a herder led to the taking off of the coffee industry.


5. Several archaeological findings in Ethiopia’s Afar region go quite some way in suggesting that the country may be where we all started out from.


6. In 1960, an Ethiopian by the name of Abebe Bikila became the first black African to win gold in the Olympics.

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7 Addis Ababa’s name, when translated means ‘New Flower’ in Amharic.


8 Ethiopian dishes are some of the tastiest, healthiest and most diverse cuisine on the continent.


9. The biggest festival in Ethiopia, Timket, is a three-day annual festival that honours the baptism of Jesus Christ in the river Jordan.

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