Check Out: Cheapest Universities In Berlin

Check Out: Cheapest Universities In Berlin

Check Out: Cheapest Universities In Berlin

Cheapest Universities In Berlin: Talk about some cheap universities in the world and you should have to never omit Berlin as a place that offers that.

Over the years, Germany has turned out to become one of the biggest investors in education with over 50% of their universities ranking very high.

In the recent QS World University ranking, Germany has at least 10 of its universities in the top 100 best universities in the world. How’s that?

Berlin is also a city where you will see most of the top universities in Germany and the good thing about them is that there are not just of good quality but also cheap. In this article, we shall take a look at some of the best and cheap universities in Berlin (Germany).

Cheapest Universities In Berlin:

1. Berlin University of Art:

Berlin University of Art is a Government owned university that has invested a lot in making sure that every student receives good and quality education. A lot of international students go for this because it is affordable. It will interest you to know that the school is one of the largest schools in Berlin.

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To be admitted into this school as an International student you have to pass their entrance exams. For those that are interested in going to the Berlin University of Art, the official tuition fee is just €320.

2. University of Potsdam:

Just so you know, this school is not just cheap but can as well be called the Cheapest university in Berlin and the second largest university in the whole of England.

Created in 1991, it has produced more creditable students both local and International than any other school in the country.
The school admit up to 1000 international students yearly who are studying the course of their choice in the prestigious university.

If you want to attend this school, you will need to write an entrance exam. The tuition fee for this prestigious school is €280 which is even lower than Berlin University of Art. They offer different courses and can be studied both online and offline.

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3. Hertie School of Governance:

This one is not a Government-owned school and as such, the price for tuition fees will not be the same. But still, among all private universities in Germany, Hertie School of Governance is one of the Cheapest in Berlin.

The school was built and officially started in 2003 and the purpose for creating the school is for postgraduate studies. So if you’re looking for a post-graduate studies degree as an international student, Hertie is always here for you. To be part of this school, you will be given requirements of what to do and the tuition fee is €8,000.

4. ESCP Europe:

This is another postgraduate school but not a postgraduate. Do note that. They also have some Undergraduate campuses in the school. It is currently the best in Europe and Berlin when it comes to Masters in finance and Masters in Management. It does not only have a campus in Berlin but has other campuses in other European countries like Paris, London, Madrid etc. The official tuition fee for ESCP Europe is €10,000

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5. European School for Management and Technology:

Europe is known for having some of the best tech schools in the world followed by the United States and Isreal. It is a private school but, it is a non-profit organization, it trains people who are interested in tech and management to Become the best in their fields. It is not only located in Berlin but also in other cities in Germany. The tuition fee is €11,000.


Is Berlin expensive for students?
Generally, let’s just say that the cost of living in Germany is expensive but in Berlin, it is a bit relatable and reduced.

Which university in Berlin is free?
There is no free University in Berlin rather you have cheap schools that are as low as €280 and have quality and qualified tutors. Cheap, not free.

Can international students work in Berlin?
Yes, of course. That is the good thing about Berlin, students coming from abroad can work for at least hours a week and earn as much money as they can.

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