UZIHBEN: Why do most men leave women who were in their lives when they were struggling (Acrimony: Film Review)

It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog, so I decided to take out an hour to do this…

ACRIMONY: Why do most men leave women who were in their lives when they were struggling

From the movie Acrimony

Men appear to have this strong element of less emotional display than women except in cases where a man is really deeply in love and they express it in different ways.

As per in times of struggling in life, a woman will burst out to complain about how things are to everyone while a man will keep it with hopes tomorrow will be better and focus more on working to achieve their dreams.

Now, let’s dive down to why a man will leave you even after you have been with him in his hard times. We will use the movie most women still misunderstand to explain this: Acrimony.

From the movie Acrimony

Can it be said it is human nature to make a wrong turn before finding the right path? Can a certain race of women be perceived to be stereotyped when they get mad and emasculate men? Do we lose a bit of ourselves becoming the person our partners want us to be? Do we get caught up in our self-preservation or ambition that we forget the needs of others? A deep controversial movie it is.

Acrimony simply means a state of “had I know” which will be fueled by memories, resentment, pain, and very much also anger for decisions and actions mostly bad which have resulted in your present state.

Respect: A man will leave you when he gets all he wants in life and marry another woman when you treat him without respect at the time he was poor. In Acrimony, you see P. Henson respected this man and this man loved her even after his first mistake but towards to end, she began to disrespect him hence it was very easy for him to leave even after she had sold her mother’s house for his project.

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Show off: Most women show off their wealth in the faces of their men; only a man who loves you will react immediately and the one who doesn’t will praise and pet you just to get what he wants. Beware of men who are very comfortable with eating your money without sharing it with you when they have little. P. Henson will always show and try to tell the man she was the one powering the house. She will shout and the man will promise things will be better. A built-up resentment was ongoing.

Friends & Relations with negative influence: A man will never be safe with a woman who has so much depended on advice from family and friends who have bad reputations. Robert was a man of vision but she couldn’t hang on to the mission. There were so many “what ifs”. She made the step of marriage against her family’s will, sometimes we should look out for ourselves first before family because only one in a good condition can be of value to a family.

When you don’t believe in his dream: Robert was a man of vision. He had faith in what he was doing and knew it was going to work. It’s difficult to share a dream and vision but it’s easy to relate it and to the hearer to believe even up to death hence, men will say he was a man of vision. She never believed in his dreams rather was forcing him to go and find a job. Don’t ever force a man to do anything, he will never flourish in, especially those with great vision. Most of my ex had told me, to go find a job and I know I am not good at working for people, I have a dream to pursue and in most cases, I leave relationships that put a strain on me. I’d prefer to sleep hungry and smile at my future than sleep filled by my woman for a minute of disarray. Every failed husband was because a wife never believed. One is to believe the other is to support. If you support them without believing they won’t succeed. If you believe without support, they won’t succeed. There must be an equilibrium. The other woman believed and supported them.

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Allowing him to keep friendships with his exes who knew them very well: The only greatest mistake P. Henson made was allowing her husband to maintain some level of connection with his female friend. Women are very smart and men are very foolish. A man only sees and honors what makes him feel like a king. Robert will be a fool to go back to P. Henson after being supported, respected, and revered by another woman. It’s not cheating. It’s a natural phenomenon with men.

Aggressive: A man will never be in a lifetime commitment with an aggressive woman. P. Henson was always aggressive.

Your family members: One bitter truth is, your family members don’t like you if you are not supporting them in a way. Cut out their food supply and you will know who they are. Not everyone can see at the same elevation and P. Henson’s family couldn’t. Everyone is for himself except a family that is rooted in God’s laws. Look out for yourself first before family because only one in good condition can be of value to a family.

Short-term availability: IF you show some signs of being there for a short period, he will leave you for a woman who will be there for the long term. Do not be a temporary fix for a long-term goal. Always see and follow through with the bigger picture. This has stagnated many marriages and is currently holding back my singles in this day and age because their standard of life or dream hasn’t been fulfilled by the personalities they’re coming across which can be due to many factors which isn’t the point of this write-up.

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Lack of support: I have left a girl because she doesn’t share my Facebook posts, she was a sweet girl and that was 2020 February before the COVID-19 lockdown in Nigeria. She chatted with me about why did I ghost her after she has introduced me to her mother. I told her because you don’t share my post. She laughed and said, do you share my post? Most men get fired up when they see you wear a t-shirt showing their business logo, see you use their ideas as profile pictures, see you make a review on their businesses, tell your friends about their businesses, etc. You may think it’s lame but you are establishing your stand in his life, that which he can not erase.

Acrimony was a simple case of the grass is not always greener on the side but where you water it if you’re persistent as it is stated in every marriage vow “…for richer or poorer till death do us part” which she took literally did after she divorced him.

Listen, no matter how wealthy you will become, a man’s one-minute breakthrough will change your life forever.

There will be mixed opinions because we all come from different backgrounds, and so, therefore, your orientation and perceptions (versions) of the story will differ. But we can always agree to disagree.

Credit: Samuel (5% of the work)

Credit: 95% Victor Uzihben works

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