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Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship

Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship. The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance is now accepting applications for its annual scholarship. This $3,000 award is given to a student whose life has been affected by cancer, either directly or indirectly. The deadline to apply is June 15th, and the winner will be announced on July 1st. If you or someone you know is interested in applying, read on for more information about the eligibility requirements and how to apply.

What is mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a rare, aggressive cancer that forms in the lining of the lungs, abdomen, or heart. Exposed to asbestos, either through work or environment, is the primary cause of mesothelioma.

There is no cure for mesothelioma and treatments focus on relieving symptoms and improving quality of life. However, with early detection and state-of-the-art treatments, patients may enjoy longer life expectancies than ever before.

Mesothelioma has several unique characteristics that distinguish it from other cancers:

Mesothelioma cells can live in areas without oxygen (anaerobic conditions).
The average latency period (time between asbestos exposure and diagnosis) for mesothelioma is 40 years.
Mesothelioma affects men more frequently than women (about three times as often).

The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship

The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship is a $5,000 award given to one undergraduate or graduate student each year. The scholarship is open to students who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or any other form of cancer.

The goal of the scholarship is to help offset the cost of education for cancer patients and survivors. The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship is made possible through generous donations from our sponsors and supporters.

If you are interested in applying for the scholarship, please visit our website for more information. We encourage you to apply early as the deadline is fast approaching.

How to apply for the scholarship

To apply for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship, simply fill out the online application form. Include your personal information, contact information, and educational background. Then, write a short essay (500 words or less) explaining why you deserve the scholarship and how it will help you further your education. Finally, submit your application by the deadline.

Who is eligible for the scholarship?

The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship is open to any student who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, as well as to the caregivers of patients with mesothelioma. The scholarship is also open to students who have lost a parent or guardian to mesothelioma.

When is the deadline to apply?

The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship is offered annually to students who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma. The deadline to apply for the scholarship is June 1st.

How will the winner be selected?

Once all applications have been received, our team of experts will review each one carefully. They will take into account several factors, including but not limited to:

– The strength of the essay
– The applicant’s academic record
– The applicant’s personal story
– The financial need of the applicant

After careful consideration, our team will select a winner. We will then reach out to the winner and let them know that they have been selected.

What are the requirements for the essay?

In order to be eligible for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship, applicants must be currently enrolled in or have been accepted to an accredited college or university. They must also be able to demonstrate financial need.

In addition, applicants must submit a 500-word essay on the following topic:

“How has cancer affected your life or the life of a loved one?”

The essay should be well-written and free of grammar and spelling errors. It should also be submitted along with the completed application form and other required materials.

What are the judging criteria?

There are four main criteria that will be considered when judging applications for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship:

1. Academic achievement – We will be looking at your grade point average, academic awards and/or honors, and any other relevant academic information.

2. Financial need – We will be taking into account your current financial situation and whether or not you have the financial means to cover the cost of college without the scholarship.

3. Personal essay – Your personal essay is your opportunity to tell us who you are, why you deserve the scholarship, and how it will impact your life. We will be looking for well-written essays that are clear, concise, and demonstrate a genuine passion for mesothelioma awareness and research.

4. Letters of recommendation – These letters should come from individuals who can speak to your character, achievements, and/or potential as a future leader in the fight against mesothelioma.

How will the winners be notified?

The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship Committee will notify the winners by email on or before June 1, 2020. Winners will also be announced on our website and social media channels.


Applying for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship is a great way to get financial assistance for your education while also raising awareness about this rare but deadly cancer. We hope that our tips have helped you understand the process and give you the best chance at winning this prestigious award.

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