Bakersfield Auto Accident Attorneys You Can Get

Bakersfield Auto Accident Attorneys You Can Get

Bakersfield Auto Accident Attorneys: Why do you even need a car accident attorney? Well, you should read this article to find out why.


After a car accident, it can be difficult to know which law firm will provide the expertise and service you deserve. You may be confused. There’s a lot involved – injuries, insurance, death etc. Rodriguez & Associates in Bakersfield can assist you if you are involved in a serious auto accident.

According to California’s Office of Traffic Safety data, in 2018, there were 1,914 accident-related injuries and fatalities. This is roughly 10% more than in 2012. 235 of those wrecks were caused or contributed by drunk drivers.

There are several reasons why distracted driver accidents are common. The first is that younger drivers are more likely than older drivers to cause car accidents. Young adults are more likely than older drivers to text and drive. They also tend to be distracted by cell phones.

Anti-texting, driving campaigns, and others have dominated the airwaves over the past few years. With the intent to reduce car accidents. California statistics show that almost 80 percent of are the result of distracted driving. Although texting is the main factor in distracted driving, many drivers do other things behind the wheel to distract from the road.

Talking on the phone
Grooming includes applying makeup, combing hair, and so on.
Attaining something
Talking to passengers
Playing with the radio

Distracted driving means that you are distracted from driving or take your eyes and hands off the wheel. It is common. It is very dangerous to text while driving. Driving while texting can cause drivers to look off the road for as long as five seconds per hour, which can make it especially dangerous on the roads.

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California has passed numerous laws to stop distracted driving over the years. California is among only 14 states that ban cell phone use at all times while driving. Although the law initially had positive effects, California has begun to experience a gradual increase in distracted driving fatalities.


Drinking and driving are not as prevalent today as it was in the past 10-20 years. But, we still see it all the time. Is it worse now or is it better? Bakersfield has seen a disturbing increase in DUI arrests and crashes. This is partly responsible for the increased number of cameras at stoplights.

29 percent of total state fatalities were due to alcohol impairment, which is lower than 31 percent nationally. Of all the 235 injuries and fatality DUI accident deaths in Bakersfield, 10 percent were caused by drivers under the legal drinking age.

A new law has been passed that bans cyclists and drivers alike from wearing headphone buds in their ears. The law has been in place for headphones that cover your ears long enough, but this specific law is about earbuds. This could be part state’s crackdown on distracted driving. The fine could reach up to $160. It doesn’t prohibit headphones in both ears. Having one will not cause a penalty.

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Another law was passed five years ago and is still in use today. It’s illegal to play any music that can be heard over 50 feet from your car when your vehicle is on the highway. California is notoriously difficult to enforce this law. However, it could be a $150 penalty and you might lose the case in court if you are given a ticket. Although you may be allowed to drive barefoot on a motorcycle in California, it is still a bad idea.


There are more fatalities as a result of the driver or passenger being inextricably linked to their vehicle.
It is unclear why so many people seem to be not using their seatbelts suddenly, when it should be like a second habit by now, particularly because California has more strict laws regarding this matter than other states. It requires that all passengers older and taller than 8 feet and 9 inches must use a belt. Those younger and/or less than this age must use a child safety chair. This law could result in a $162 fine.


California allows you to file personal injury claims within two years of the injury’s initial date. Property damage claims can be filed within three years. Document any accident you may be involved in. Photographs, notes, insurance information, and damage assessment are all important. It’s important that you keep track of everything. So, get as much evidence as you possibly can.

California is a state with pure comparative negligence. If you were found 20% to be at fault for damages exceeding $10,000, you will only receive $8,000 in compensatory money. A lawyer who has the expertise and knowledge to defend your rights if you are forced to file a lawsuit due to negligence by another party is essential. Rodriguez & Associates offers more than 100 years of combined experience in your case.

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Rodriguez & Associates:

Our clients can see the value in the results we provide. We are the law firm with the highest number of multi-million-dollar verdicts for our clients in the Southern San Joaquin Valley. It is a claim that no other law firm can match.

Another sign of success is our record for getting the highest jury verdict ever for a car-wreck victim in the historic Southern San Joaquin Valley history: $31.7million.

What are the factors that have made us successful? Attorney Rodriguez is an engineer. We combine that unique education with our trial experience to achieve success. We have the skills and experience necessary to identify who or what caused a wreck. Even when the wrongdoers are trying to avoid liability with evasive responses, we have the ability to question them and get to their truth.

Bakersfield car accident lawyers are entitled to full compensation. That’s not just half or a third of what the law requires, but all the compensation our client is entitled to.

Our approach and philosophy are backed by experience and results. We have been involved in hundreds of car accidents and cases including motorcycle, pedestrian, and bus crashes. Rodriguez & Associates provides information about our firm as well as your rights after an accident where you were hurt.

Get in touch with us today!

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