Allstate Insurance Rewards & Benefits

Allstate Insurance Rewards & Benefits

Allstate Insurance Rewards & Benefits

Allstate Insurance Rewards & Benefits: Allstate is seeking to spread the word by encouraging more drivers to be more responsible and to drive safely.

In other words, your safe driving will be a reward. By joining Allstate Rewards (r), you can earn points that can be used to redeem discounts on everyday deals or gift cards as well as sweepstakes and other prizes.

Through Allstate Rewards, you earn points for everyday safe driving.

Getting started
Here’s how:

– Join Drivewise(r) or buy an Milewise(r) auto-policy 110,000 points
– Go to and then activate your account with 5 000 points

Safety-related driving challenges that are frequently encountered. Check them below:

– 10 safe journeys without high speed or abrupt brakes 200 points
– Three consecutive days of no sudden stopping 200 points
– three consecutive days of no high speed 200 points.

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There are many alternatives to earning points. Check them out below:

Just so you know, you can earn points by engaging in other non-driving-related activities, for example, redeeming promo codes in Allstate Rewards emails, surveys, and promotions using Allstate’s mobile app. Allstate smartphone app and much more.

You can redeem your rewards:
You can redeem points to save on gift cards, merchandise local deals, and more. Here are all ways to redeem your points.

– TravelCar hotel reservations, rental gift cards, and other essentials for travel.
– Deals on the daily
The latest deal is available each day from 3 p.m. ET offering savings as high as 80% off amazing products.
– Magazines
Subscriptions are available to some of the most well-known magazines.
– Auctions
Offer on electronic items as well as gift cards, and other amazing items.
– Sweepstakes2
Take part in the contest to win cash prizes which include gift cards, electronic devices, and cash.
– Merchandise
Customers save as much as 40% off designer clothing technology, bags, jewelry, and more.
– Card for gift cards
Over 100 gift cards from brands with 10% discounts on shopping, dining entertainment, and travel.
– Local deals
More than 100 gift card brands with 10% discounts on food, shopping entertainment, and travel.

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Our lowest price guarantee. Check it out:

Through our Guarantee for the Lowest Prices, we ensure that the retail price you see on the Allstate Rewards website is the lowest price you can find from an authorized online retailer. If you discover a lower acceptable price on the internet than what you paid, we’ll refund your points, and we’ll refund the difference.

Other Benefits include:

1. Claim Satisfaction Guarantee
Only Allstate promises a quick smooth, honest and secure claim process or your money back, up to a 6-month premium credit. No questions asked.

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2. Drivewise
Drivewise is a program that evaluates and checks your driving habits, such as safe stops and safe speeds. It also recognizes you for your shrewdness behind the steering wheel.

3. Accident Forgiveness
Even if it were a mistake, an accident shouldn’t result in your rates increasing when you enroll in Accident Forgiveness.

4. Deductible Rewards(r)
When you enroll for the plan, you’ll receive 100 percent off your deductible plus every year you’re accident-free up to $500.

5. Safe Driving Bonus
Incorporate this into your policy to receive a bonus every six months, you’ll be accident-free.

6. New car replacement
If the car you purchased is destroyed, this permits Allstate to repair it, not just provide you with a check for the depreciated amount.

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