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WRITING: Introduction to Content writing

Content writing has to do with crafting engaging and original content on paper, using a computer or smart devices.
This type of writing requires good writing and language skills. Basically content writing can be any kind of writing that is read on internet like website writing, SEO copy writing, SEO writing and blogging etc. The piece of writing must be genuine and authentic with no particular format but the style counts a lot.

Content writing like any other form of writing requires in depth knowledge and great skill. In order for an article to be successful, the written content must be original and valuable. There are a few general principals followed by writers.

Types of formats for written content:

Article writing

Blog writing


Landing Pages

Press Release writing

Newsletter writing

Social Media Posts and Syndication

Blogs and articles are the most basic form of content and involve writing extensively on a topic to entertain, educate, or inspire a target audience.

Freelance writers offer blog and article writing services, which involve supplying blog posts for your blog or website.

Website content writing deals with writing content for website pages, besides blog posts.

The content include the homepage, about us, service pages, etc., and are used to inform website visitors of what the business and its products/services are about.



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