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US: Kim Kardashians and Kanye west’s property was invaded.

A rap star, Kim Kardashian property was invaded by an intruder on Monday.

On Monday morning, TMZ reported that intruder was able to gain access to Kardashian’s mail box.

The outlet released security footage showing a man snooping around a property , “they said was Jenner’s” shortly before 5 am.

In the minute ~long video , the suspected intruder could be seen poking around the outdoor area just outside of the lavish home before taking off .

Yunice Abbas is among the five men accused of stealing $10 million in Jewelry from Kardashian and will reportedly discuss the nitty~gritty details of the robbery .

Kardashian was a victim of robbery in Paris back in 2016 when she was bound and held at gun point.

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