US: An Elementary School Teachers Aide was brutally Attacked on Sunday .


     An elementary school teacher’s aide was waiting for a bus in Rosemead, California, when he was brutally attacked on Sunday, suffering a severed finger, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

  A Man on a Bicycle Approached Matthew Leung, who is an Asian American , It was around 1 pm at the Los Angeles bus stop in Rosemead, there exchanged pleasantry , and after 10 minutes later the man attacked Leung , reported by May Cun  , Leung’s colleague at Gate Street Elementary school.

  Leung protected his face with his hands during the Attack and he blacked out , Leung was bleeding on the ground before rescued by a passer by.
   Leung said he saw his finger injured while on the Ambulance , “so when i get to the hospital the doctor see it and said oh no……so there cut it off” Leung told KABC .
  The Los Angeles county Sheriff’s Department does not have any suspect description , but the Assault is under investigation.

Cun. Quljano and others started a Go fund me  page , to pay for Leung’s medical Expenses and Donations which has already exceeded the $35,000 Goal.

   The  massive turn up was the reflection of Leung’s decades of dedication to the school , where he works with Transitional Kindergarten Students , Quljano said.

Photo credit: CNN