US: a Father in Southwest Florida believes his son’s wheelchair contributed to his death in a crash.


John Sadefur’s son , 21 year old ~Emanuel Sadefur, was killed in a crash last Friday in Handry Country.

His dad believes that his son’s wheelchair contributed to his death. “Knowing that he’s not gonna be there”, and I know it’s not gonna hit me harder until I put him in the ground” John said.

John and Emanuel were involved in a crash with another vehicle at the state road last week.

Crash investigators said “van turned onto the road side in front of the the Sandefurs own van, and they were hit on the passenger’s side , where Emanuel was sitting.

“If he would have been bound in his wheelchair, he would have been living to this day, I feel ” John said.

John strapped Emanuels wheelchair to a pole near the scene of the crash, in memory of his late son.