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4 Unique Online Business Ideas For Students [In Nigeria]



I am aware that as a student in Nigeria, there may be some expenses to cover such as project contribution, handbooks, feeding, data purchases, etc.

That’s why I will be sharing with you unique online business ideas for students in Nigeria. 

Income Program as a Unique Online Business Idea in  Nigeria

There are not that many income programs in Nigeria. You can start an income program that pays members just like NNU Forum or Giftalworld.How? All you need is a functional website, advert placement such as Google Ad Sense and a bank account. You will pay members automatically based on their earnings per duty. You will earn from Google Ads and share revenue with your members.

Starting capital: #10,000

Profit-making: #10,000/month

Blogging as a Unique Online Business Idea  Nigeria

You can be a blogger like me; you will need a blog/website and pick a niche to write on: politics, entertainment, sports and if possible niche it further like football in Nigeria, instead of sports…

Starting Capital: about #7,000

Profit-making: Based on how much traffic and leads you have on your site.

App Developmet as a Unique Online Business Idea in Nigeria

You will need to learn how to develop apps; have an idea e.g game, technology, education, finance, etc. then monetize using Google Admob, it is just like Ad Sense but for apps.

Starting Capital: #5,000 (Learning + Development)

Profit-making: Based on how many people use your app and see the adverts.

VTU Business as a Unique Online Business Idea in Nigeria

You can be a reseller of virtual top-up products such as airtime, data and examination pins for NECO and WAEC. You can do this having a website or partnering with one.

Starting capital: #20,000 (website owner)

#2,000 ( partner)

Profit-making: Based on how many customers you have.

I will advise that whichever online business idea you are go for, you should consider whether you want to do it alone or work with trusted friends

If you do it alone, you will bear the responsibility alone but you will be entitled to the profit, if you do in form of partnership, you will share both responsibility and revenue.

These unique online business ideas for students are capable of making substantial profits for you as a student in Nigeria as well as enhance your entrepreneurship skills.

You can learn further on how to start an online business in Nigeria

Let me know which of them you consider as your choice and  online business idea



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