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MARRIAGE: Twenty reasons to marry an Isoko man

Controversy hits the internet on RantHQ Extention Facebook group when a controversial author and Motivational speaker wrote why women should marry Isoko men… Read his post👇👇👇👇👇

Why you should marry an Isoko man. Twenty reasons they are what you perceived them to be. Every tribe has his own flaws but the ability to look at some certain people as a yardstick to measure others could create a positive effect on the entirety of that tribe. As a growing child, my parents thought me that a true Isoko is one who should not take abuse, intimidation, and no for an answer, he is someone who love to fault but embraces what ever that brings fame and wealth in the right way.

Don Jazzy

Someone who for humanity can take anything but nothing if it will affect his ego and growth. These men one time in their lives has made impact and are devoid of all that has been said about the Isoko people.


Why you should marry an Isoko man

1. He will not steal to feed himself.

2. He is a giver with complete purpose and reason.

3. He is a woman lover, meaning he loves them as creatures that need tender care.

4. He will never cheat if he is with the right woman.

5. He is quick to leave a relationship that is adding no value to him anymore, they are impatient with people who waste time and call God over what can be fixed.

6. He won’t sleep well if his kids and wife have nothing to eat.

7. He shares all of his secretes with his woman.

8. He loves easily.

9. He is stingy to those who want to use him.

10. He loves everyone equally no discrimination.

11. Any educated Isoko man is likely to build a house or buy a car and pay a woman’s brideprice.

12. He protects his pride especially against women. He can take insult easily from his fellow men but will never take one from even his soulmate.

13. He will not share his wife nor share himself with another.

Sammy Okposio

15. He loves power and exercise it from his home. If you want to kill him faster in the battle field kill his ego first.

16. Isoko men feel motivated only by money and women.

17. They are not gender based when it comes to children, in fact Isoko men love girl children than male children.

18. Isoko men are handsome and caring.

19. Isoko men care less for people who have no vision even if it their wife.


18. Isoko men marry one but not afraid of marrying two if one seem like a mistake or refuse to grow.

19. Isoko men sees their women as equal in thinking, working and providing but not as equal at leading, hence they prefer hardworking women to lazy wives.

20. Isoko loves fame hence they flourish faster in the media, ict and art.

Some notable Isoko men: Zeb & Ejiro Chico, Don Jazzy, Bovi, Opa Williams, Jet Amata, Fred Amata, Victor Vote, Daddy Shockey, etc

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