Vegetables have varieties of species but in this article we are going to discuss the important of Nigerian Pumpkin leaf.

It is mainly known as ugu by the igbo people with the official name called Telfairia Occidentalis.

Below are some facts you have to know about it.

1. It is mostly planted in the garden during rainy season

2. People drinks it to cure minor illness because it is rich in nutrition.

3. It is a secret plant because the health benefits are hidden and not well known by people.

4. It enhance vision benefit because of the presence of vitamin A

5. It helps in curing cancer, increase fertility and prevent infections.

6. It contains vitamin c which helps in healing wound.

7. Promote healthy bones and teeth as a results of presence of calcium.

8. It reduces sugar level thereby keeping diabetes under control.

9. For a person to be free from all illness and to be in the state of well-being then there must be presence of strong immune system which can fight against disease.

Pumpkin leaf is the best in boosting the immune system for that reason it is referred to as an high booster of immune system which prevents the body from the disease.

Consistent consumption of pumpkin leaf should therefore be considered to help in building a strong immune system.

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