TECHNOLOGY: Best Three Ways To Check for Hidden Cameras In A Room.


One Of The Worst Things That Could Happen , Is To Be Filmed During Your Intimate Moments Especially In An Hotel Room.

Some Of The Common Place To Find Hidden Cameras In a Room.

*Smoke Detectors

*Electrical Outlets

*Tissue Boxes

* Wall Decors

* Cushions

* Mirrors

How To Find Out .

1. Switch Off All The Lights in The Rooms And Pan your Flashlight Around the Room, if your Light Catches Any Unusual Reflective Lights or Surface , there is camera in the room

2. Check The Mirrors, Put Your Hands on the Glass, Check If There is A Gap Between Your Reflection And Your Hands, There is Camera If There is Reflection

3. Find Out If There is Any Blinking Light In the Room , Most Cameras Would Blink Led Lights That are Easier To Sport In Low Darkness .

Photo Credit: Explore Travel Hints