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TAIWAN: Plane crashed and derailed in a tunnel in Taiwan

The 408 Toroko express train, was conveying people travelling for a long-weekend annual holiday, when it “crashed inside a tunnel towards Taitung “, outside Hualien city at about 9:30am , the authorities said
Many people may have been standing because the train was so full.

more than dozens were reported “injured, with rescuers trying to access several badly damaged carriages”

The eight-carriage train reportedly hit a construction vehicle that had slipped onto the tracks at the tunnel’s mouth.

The reports from the National Fire Agency say 490 people were on the train, with 41 confirmed dead and more than 60 injured.

people at the back of the train were able to walk away safely, but 100 were rescued from the first four carriages and about 200 more remain trapped.

“It felt like there was a sudden violent jolt and I found myself falling to the floor,” one female survivor told Taiwan’s UDN. “We broke the window to climb to the roof of the train to get out.”

Another rescued woman said: “My whole body fell to the floor. I hit my head and it started bleeding.”

Local media reports say the train driver is among the dead.



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