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Some secrets to know when dating Scorpios or Libra-Scorpio Cusp

Hi, I am Victor Vote as a Libra-Scorpio Cusp, I know dating is one of the most important part of our lives. Studies has shown it that we may spend more than half of our lives in search of true cause we are very distrusting and unpredictable but when we find one, he or she is the most luckiest person on earth as Scorpio loves and sex the best and Libra sex the most. So this is a combination of great romance and perfect love life partner.

Love is an important part of a man’s life and choosing the right one has always been man’s own dreams cause the man’s brain (here man refers to both genders) is mostly excited to fullest via love and romance.

Now what if you stumbled on the feet of a Libra-Scorpio man – males born between October 19th to October 25th, then you are lucky to have true love on your side but as no good thing comes easy so is dating him.

The Libra-Scorpio cusp men are gifted with great attractiveness and sexual prowess, the kind of passion, and intensity that sweeps anyone off their feets.

They are very humble but due to their quick response when they detect any form of activity, attitude, speech or behavior that attacks their ego and personality, they are very quick to attack it, destroy it to death without any form of resurrection. This makes people think, they are proud.

Their nature of class with simplicity and beauty attracts even same sex and the opposite sex. They are enigma in nature and will never open up to you, if they don’t feel safe.

The ease in making friends is same ease in making enemies as they don’t care how many friends they lose, they can make as many as thrice the once they lose in a day. They are extremely attractive to anyone they come across.

This man is very egocentric and self-centred but they are great friends. They are another name for drama queens. They exaggerate and get angry so easily. They put in all their efforts to bring the best our of any situation but if you make their efforts useless and destroy their works, be ready for a war. They can destroy everything built for years in just a second and this is because they so confident that they can build same in another seconds with another person and bet me, they will even quicker than you think. This is the fact that he is very efficient and productive, and he knows quite a lot for his age. With charisma and diplomacy, they should be even better.

He is very passionate and intensive and these quality personalities are extremely good and beneficial, but it’s very difficult to work and do something without discipline and self-control.

They can be very bitter and sad at the fact that their choices seem to be entirely the ones made by others, in the sense that they are often forced by situations to choose a particular path. It’s not exactly what they would want, but not completely different either. This causes disappointments and regrets to build up inside them, transforming into dissatisfactions and eventually into depression. This one thing is why they easily walk out of love, when they find out their spouse don’t listen to them and this is because they think they have the answers to all problem and the truth is they do have all the answers cause they are very intelligent and wise.

Indecision, uncertainties, and loss of their own self-esteem and trust in their own abilities are the killjoy of the Libra-Scorpio cusp men. The worst is that they are deeply aware of this process and consciously perceive it in a very cold way. This paralysis extends into their inner lives, making them scream outward, feeling the excruciating pain and regrets gnawing at them constantly. It’s good that they are sociable creatures, otherwise, they would have gone insane or maybe commit suicide.

They use media, money, beauty and quarrels to hide their pains. When they are angry, they crying out for attention as they are very good at seeking attention.

NB: You must know about dating most especially a Libra-Scorpio Cusp man is the speed they fall in love is same speed they fall out of love.

When they say they want you to be happy after you have succeeded is destroying their plans, know that even if you are going to be happy at the end, they won’t be responsible for that happiness. Cause when you lose them, you have lost everything from them, they will only give you peanuts or nothing.

When they willingly give power to make decision, know you have turned their enemy. They never allow others make decision where they exist. If a Libra-Scorpio allows you make a decision and he follows it, know he is planning for something better than what you are bridging or has bet someone that you will fail and truly you will fail because they have a foresight and most times we call them prophets cause they tend to know the unknown and see the future.




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