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SOMALIA: Election and Political crises

Somalia: Gunshots in Mogadishu amid election protests.The four-year term of Somalia’s president, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo, formally ended last week – but he has refused to leave office. With the federal parliament’s mandate also expired as of December 2020, Somalia now, for all intents and purposes, lacks legitimate, effective national government.

Farmaajo argues that his tenure should be extended until new elections can be held. Talks had been taking place about the rules governing the elections, but these have stalled. The international community has taken the position of “no partial elections, no partial processes”, and Farmaajo justifies staying on to avoid a political vacuum and this have caused protest in some parts of the country.

The United Nations has called for “peace and restraint by all parties involved” in the clashes in Somalia and urged for dialogue.(Image: Supporters of different opposition presidential candidates demonstrate in Mogadishu. Credit: Getty Images)



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