We don’t like disgracing people, but this issue is beyond our imagination as an Editor I need to share this for you to be the judge.

A young lady (name withheld) got married to one Mr Nick who lived in Asaba, she conceived and gave birth via CS, so she invited her cousin sister to help her out take care of the child and help with other house chores.

Unknowing the her, the cousin sister whose name is Elo who later fell in love with Mr Nick started having sexual affairs with Mr Nick (her cousin sister’s husband).

The young lady noticed the matter and confronted them but they denied it, until last week the news broke that Mr Nick is planning to do introduction for marriage on Miss Elo (the lady’s cousin sister).

It was during the introduction people notice the man was the young lady’s husband. The whole party was put on chaos.

But presently, Mr Nick is insisting that the young lady should leave him saying he loves and wants Miss Elo to move in as his new wife.

It was later gathered that Miss Elo was once married and got divorced three years ago. What is your take