See The Pics Of The17 Yrs Old Boy That Married His Girlfriend


Most culture do not acknowledge teenage marriage because of the dangers behind it. When two teenagers are in a relationship most of the time people see it as infatuation and believes that they are not in love not knowing that they could actually be in district love

Teenage marriage is mostly known to end up in divorce which makes most parents flee from teenage marriage for their children. But to your candid surprise, some teenage marriage could actually survive the problems of the marriage which they are expected to encounter as a result of immaturity. Teenagers that are really in love could actually pass through the marriage problems successfully but this applies to few of them.

The story of the seventeen years old Igbo guy that married his fifteen years old girlfriend is a proof to show that not all teenagers love is actually infatuation but rather true love.

Emenyeonu Obinna is a seventeen years old boy that married his girlfriend after impregnating her at the age of fifteen while he was seventeen.

But so far so good he was able to prove to the whole world that he could actually keep his marriage. He posted pictures of his wife and himself looking healthy and more matured than when they married.

On top of that they have also been blessed with two children. Below is the picture of the couples posted on Emenyeonu Obinna’s Facebook page. The picture prove that the couples are living a healthy life.