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RAPE SERIES : Ripples of Pain Ep. 2

What are you doing? What’s this? Said poor she! But no response except for frenzied actions, he immediately turned off the torch light and threw it a bit far from arms length.

He took a lengthy fabric from his left breast pocket, he held his hand tight to her mouth, almost creating a clenched fist, inserted the fabric and tore it up at the back of her head; preventing her from screaming, while using his muscular legs abruptly to resist her haphazardly defensive movement.

He then suppressed her hands, then using his legs skillfully to keep her flabby thigh apart, after tearing her underwears, creating an access, he was nakedly sagging and then laid passionately on her, the reaction of his brutal actions was ineffably painful.

She had been raped by Jabril. After gaining the harsh and ruthless satisfaction of a sadist and a Masochist, he stood up and dashed off partially tiptoeing, she felt freezing feelings of regrets and pains.she wept intermittently!

It was a palpable unforgettable aura of chagrined, that couldn’t be shamelessly expressed! Her dream of studying law to become an eminent human rights #activist sadly fading, cause now her proud state of virginity had been #deactivated.


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