About RAKE Series

Rake Series is an Online TV reality show focused on promoting and empowering African youths across Africa. The median edition started in Nigeria while Ghana is to kick off by December with title Kantoga Rashida (The Pure Path).

Rake is not a membership series, so there are no membership subscription, rather interested person registers to participate with the sum of N10,000 ($27.78USD) and an optional sum of N20,000 ($55.56USD) for training.

Payments made in favour of Rake are non-refundable. A compulsory donation of N500 ($1.39USD).

You agree without a formal letter or form of paper work to our DND (Do-Not-Disclose) Agreement that anything that happens in the Rake House remains in the Rake House – if by investigation happenings are out and you are responsible, Quick Tv Africa Limited will have no choice than to sue you to court and claim financial compensation for damages which may run in millions of dollars. So be careful as to what you tell your friends about Rake activities.


  1. R1 – 2 defaults.
  2. R2 – Three defaults or 1 Warning.
  3. R3 – Two Warnings
  4. R4 – Three Warnings or 1 Eviction.
  5. R5 – Eviction


  1. K1 – $1USD Promotion credit.
  2. K2 – $2USD deposited into your PayQ account.
  3. K3 – $4USD deposited into your PayQ account.
  4. K4 – $5USD deposited into your PayQ account plus $2USD promotion credit.
  5. K5 – $50USD Promotion Credit
  6. K6 – 10USD deposited into your PayQ account.
  7. K7 – Extra House Credit to stay for two more episodes

Some Rules:

  1. Three defaults in the house rules leads to two Episodes exemption.
  2. You get automatic eviction on the account of arguing and exchanging words with Rake or Quick Tv Africa management team. Issues arising should be reported to the House Master or Mistress. The house leaders can relate your complains to Rake Management.
  3. On eviction, a compensation according to revenue acquired at the time of your participation will be paid into your bank account.
  4. Putting the rest house mates at risk is automatic eviction without compensation.
  5. You are not allowed to upload photos into the Official WhatsApp Group.
  6. You are not allowed to upload any religious, political or controversial posts on the WhatsApp Group.
  7. Failure to pay for your monthly contribution is equal to R

More House Rules will be updated here

Sign Rake Management

To join RAKE, kindly CLICK HERE also the form contact payment module to pay for Rake membership. If you have paid already, scroll down and fill the membership form.

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