Omo street : Portable drop another hot song title Azaman, Which concern the dispute between cartefe and bari tega on Machala song, but it seem Azaman beats is Asake beats.

Nigerian street-hop artist Portable has sampled Asake’s hit single ‘Organise’ to “Azaman”.

The cover references the recent public dispute between Carter Efe and Berri Tiga over the ownership of their hit single ‘Machala’.

Portable talked about how some influential personalities set out to cheat artists in the name of helping them while employing street lexicons in his cover.

“Machala” has since become the subject matter of a bitter dispute between the two and it has split opinion, especially between popular artists and influencers.

However, Fans have dragged him for sampling the song without Asake’s permission. Asake fans told him to be prepared to give Olamide and Asake 98% of the profit from the song.

The song is likely to face copyright issues as Portable uses the beat and melody of Asake’s ‘Organise’ which means it would likely be taken down from streaming platforms for copyright infringement should he upload it.

Covers are posted on Audiomack and the song might be available on the streaming platforms and music download sites.

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