It was on a starless night — usually much darker, every object succumbed to the fathomable darkness, the moon on it’s first quarter, the night flies gave a burning ashes-like brightness — ostentatiously parading themselves randomly in the air, the owls owling serially like some team of inexperience choirs, as seldom of such night — she didn’t predicted traumas coming her way, it has been a stressful day, after much meticulous preparations and celebration — it was her mum and step dad silk anniversary.

Fatima’s mum got married to Mr. Bamali, when she was just three, after a three years demise of her late husband. A kind-hearted,discipline step dad has been Mr. Bamali, the fatherless girl hadn’t been told who her true father was, not until last year when she had clocked fifteen, even not all relatives knows of that for the exception of the closer ones. Everyone present at home except for Mrs. Bamali, after taking-off for a business trip that evening, but Jabril was — Mr Bamali youngest brother — a young man around his middle twenties.

Still midnight, no cock crows, Fatima sleeping decently on her tidy bed, awakened by a surreptitious drifty sound made by the door, a motionless dark human figure was standing — it was the darkness that had caused the shadowy silhouette, before reaching for the lamp string to pull it downward, suddenly a strong ray of lights was flashed directly to her beautiful face, she place her palms to the dazzling light rays placing her eyes beneath the back of hands, indeed to lower the photosensitivity of her cones.

“Who’s that? ” said she panickingly, no response, she quickly grab the selfie stick juxtaposed at the bevel of her bed as the figure kept coming forward, but the speed of light action by the figure towards her, stunned her and make her confused, after a sweaty body contact, she now know who it was.

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