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NIGERIA: Alleged killer of Iniobong call log reveals to have lure more victims.

Iniobong Umoren was murdered by an alleged serial rapist, Uduak Akpan. The young lady met her untimely end while responding to a call for job interview scheduled to hold along Airport Road, Ibiaku at the outskirt of Uyo, in Akwa Ibom state.According to the police report from Akwa Ibom State, Mr Uduak Akpan, the suspected killer of Iniobong Umoren has been arrested. He has also confessed to the police of his crime against Ms Iniobong Umoren. From the call log, it is evident that Iniobong Umoren was not the only person targeted for elimination on that day.

From the call log, it was revealed that Uduak Akpan initiated a call to one Mr Nonso Ikechukwu on 29 April, 2021 at 1:06pm and the call lasted for 37 seconds. On the same day he called Iniobong Umoren at 1:17pm where he used 124 seconds. About 4 minutes later, at exactly 1:21pm, he called Ms Blessing Godwin and the call lasted for 147 seconds.While there has not been any report about Nonso Ikechukwu as at the time of writing this article, she directed the Hub representative to her testimony which she posted on her Facebook page on 13April, 2021.

In her narrative, Blessing Godwin said, “At 1:21pm, I got a call from a number which is not on my contact list asking if I am Blesky Godwin, I told him yes, that I am Blessing Godwin. He corrected me and told me that when applying for something official, I should use my name and not some unofficial name.” He asked if I was good with computer, I told him that “I try”. He said ok, that there is a farm along Airport road that needs a secretary for immediate employment and he asked if I was interested. I told him yes and he asked if I could meet him at Airport Road immediately. I told him it wasn’t possible because I was at Ibeno which is quite far from Uyo, he said he knew. I asked if we could reschedule the meeting to another day, and he obliged. He said I should send my CV to him on WhatsApp and I should save his number as Ezekiel. After the call ended, I saved his number as “Ezekiel Job” on my phone.” After a while, I didn’t hear from him again, so I chatted him up. I typed “Hello” and I told him that he hasn’t said anything since I forwarded the CV to him. He did not reply again. I want to believe that by this time, Ini Umoren must have arrived the venue and he was probably ‘busy’ trying to end her life.”
She said that on 11th May, a call came to her phone. The caller asked her if she has seen an investigative news report on Facebook posting her name and her phone number as one of those who received phone call from Uduak Akpan on 29th April? When she checked on the news link, behold, it was her name and her phone number. The boy who gave his name as Ezekiel while talking with her on 29th April was indeed the same Uduak Akpan who murdered Iniobong Umoren. She couldn’t hold on, but shed hot tears and weep profusely. “I could have been raped and killed, or both Iniobong Umoren and I would have met our end, who knows.” She said. She called on her Facebook friends to help her thank her God for loving her this much upon her unfaithfulness to Him.



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