I am giving you this testimony with good fate and I plea for anonymity. I won’t disclose my name as it will ruin my reputation and that of my family as my husband is a public figure.

I am 30 (actual age withheld) this year and I married at the age of 25. I married while in my mother’s house and when I moved in with my husband my mom and younger sister moved in with me. My sister is 27 and she’s a graduate who is currently working in one of my husband’s offices.

I was not that rich before I married but I was doing fine and was caring for my mom and my only sister who was then about entering the University. I met my husband in a wedding reception and our connection was quick and we fell in love. We dated for one year and decided to marry.

He is a very wealthy man and known in the society. So it was a great plus to my family. My father died when I was just 6yrs (actual age withheld) and it was difficult for my mom to see me through the secondary school and later OND but I was able to train myself through the university.

The whole signs began anytime my fiance visit us at the place he rented for me and my family and begins to compliment how sexy my mom looks and how beautiful we are in the family, I saw it as a compliment to my family, little did I know he was lusting over my mom.

Finally, the date of our traditional marriage was set and later the white wedding and we moved into his big house in Lekki Phase 1 Lagos. It was a new beginning for us, he set up business for my mom after one year into the marriage, took care of my younger sister’s education, bought a car for my mom and sister and we were living so happily. I felt lucky to have such a wonderful man.

His father was kind and all of his family adores me. I am fully welcome and I treat everyone right. I was loved and all of my family felt we were made to be in one family.

The whole drama started when my younger sister started disrespecting me. It started 27th of January 2020 when I requested she get something for me as I was heavily pregnant, she said she can not go and my mom shouted at her and this went on until she stopped talking to me all through the February and March into the lockdown.

My mom kept telling me she is just been a naughty girl and that she will come off it. I felt she was supporting my younger sister as most times, she will do things that even kids won’t do.

One time, she she told me I am bad for a wife and would be a better wife to my husband, i actually laughed over it cause I thought it was out of envy or bitterness or maybe she was just talking from anger. My husband would tell me to ignore and concentrate with my baby growing inside of me.

At the heart of the lockdown, things got worse that I was no longer talking with my sister but she had a very warm sweet relationship with my husband. The thought they could both be sleeping with each other never crossed my mind rather I felt it’s something that we will fix not too long. In fact it’s evil to even think about it.

My husband stopped sleeping with me and I complained to my mother, she told me most men do not sleep with pregnant women, she even persuaded me to believe that my late father never touched her after she was confirmed pregnant.

I spoke with some of my friends who told me I should be very careful with my sister and should stop any form of closeness with my husband. I was advised to stop my sister spending time with my husband.

Sometimes, my sister will sleep in his room and when I walk in I will tap on her and jokingly tell her to go to her room and go talk to her boyfriend, she will leave without even laughing which will make my husband say “don’t mind her, she will come off it”.

To cut the story short, one day I walked into my husband room and I saw my mom lying on his bed while my husband was in the bathroom, I was shocked and asked her what she was doing there she couldn’t speak and angrily shouted, stating I was not caring for him enough and that he has been complaining of hunger. I was shocked, cause I remembered eating with him few hours ago and it’s just mid day and all I needed was to rest for some hours.

I apologised to my mom, and my husband took the cue with complains. I angrily went to my room and never came out until around 9pm my mom walked in and apologise for the way she shouted at me, she also gave me some lectures, little did I know they have been sleeping with each other. A lot of other suspicious events took place until after giving birth.

One night, I was so tired from breastfeeding and I slept off after putting the baby to sleep, on waking up, I found out my mom was no longer in the room. I assumed she had gone to her room. So I decided to go see my husband to see if I can have a talk with him. The irony of the whole thing was that my husband never showed any lack of interest in me apart from not having sex with me.

When I pushed the door, (it was not locked) I saw my mom on top of my husband f**king him. I screamed so loud that my sister heard and she ran in and before she could come my mom had cover herself with the blanket, my husband knelt and was apologising. My sister was in shock and shouted at my mom which made my mom screamed back at her saying “are you not sleeping with him too?” My sister couldn’t speak, I slumped to the ground and was rushed to the hospital.

My husband stayed the night till the following morning, he told me when the whole thing started dating back to three years ago. My sister started the whole game until my mom caught him and secretly asked him to sleep with her or she will tell me what she saw and since then he has been sleeping with the two secretly.

I am still in the hospital sending this audio message, and I am so confused on who to believe. I do not know what to do. Please help me, how do I deal with this situation?

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