MOTIVATION: Definition of Dopamine by Victor Vote


Dopamine is a neurotransmitter produced by the brain. Imagine, there’s something inside your brain that carries motivational message to keep your brain working well. It’s dopamine. When a high level of dopamine flows inside your brain, it’s going to encourage us to be productive, to work hard and to believe that we’re going to achieve our dreams. The only thing that is capable increasing this chemical that make 80% of the brains

catecholamine is when you feel appreciated or when someone appreciates your efforts, your work and your importance. Lack of this leads to depression, less productivity and hatred. When you appreciate those close to you you create a lasting bond because they will want that often and so they do more. They may not have done anything for you but when you thank them and recognise their efforts in life, you motivate them more. This do you everyday to make happy our generation – Victor Vote