Mariah Carey Wants To Collaborate With Cardi B & Lil Kim — To Shade Nicki Minaj?

Beth Shilliday- Mariah Carey on WWHL’ is always must-see TV. On Nov. 19 she threw some shade Nicki Minaj’s way by saying she wants to team up with Barbie’s arch enemies Lil Kim and Cardi B for new music.

Mariah Carey is always one of the best ever guests on Watch What Happens Live thanks to host Andy Cohen‘s juicy questions and games. Andy went relatively easy on her during her Mimi. 19 appearance, so it was up to her to bring along some subtle shade. A viewer asked if the diva would ever collaborate with Cardi B and Mariah said “I’d love for that to happen.” Andy then commented on how much he loved her new song “A No No,” and Mariah gushed that it was inspired by Lil Kim (the song even uses a sample of Kim’s “Crush on You”). Mimi LOVES both Kim and Cardi and said she hopes the three of them can get together to do a remix…which would be the ultimate diss towards their combined enemy Nicki Minaj as she’s feuded with all three women. Nicki and Mimi are enemies going back to their time together judging on American Idol in 2013.

As always, the diva was filmed from her right side which forced Andy into the guest seat which always makes for awkward viewing. She revealed the reason is that someone early on in her career told her that her right side was a far more photogenic one and she’s just stuck with that advice ever since. She doesn’t even know if it’s true or not these days, so she just rolls with it. Mimi came glammed up as always in a skin-tight black sequin floor length gown and dripped in diamonds, because she’s a total goddess! It was so figure hugging she joked that she wasn’t really able to move.

Mariah shared how much she dislikes Nicki during a May of 2016 WWHL appearance. Andy got her to play Plead the Fifth and made the bold move of asking her about her former American Idol co-judge nemesis. “Can you say three nice things about Nicki Minaj?” Andy asked Mariah. “”Can you?” Mariah replied with snark. Then she took a long, awkward pause. before replying, “You know, I always thought it was more important with that situation to not plead the fifth, but to just stay above the fray. Because you don’t want to be déclassé. You just want to move it along.” OMG, this woman is priceless at shade.

In past appearances Mariah has also thrown shade at Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Eminem and had an epic diss towards Jennifer Lopez. In the same May of 2016 WWHL, she burned rival JLo once again. To recap, Mimi infamously dissed Jennifer in the early aughts when the actress took over the world of pop music. In an interview during that time she heaped praise on Beyonce and when asked about Jennifer, she bluntly said “I don’t know her,” which came across like she didn’t know who JLo was. During her WWHL appearance two years ago she once again proclaimed that she “doesn’t know” JLo! Ouch! However she did admit that she’s “very forgetful” and may have simply forgotten meeting her.

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