Laycon Finally Got The Key To His New House:

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Laycon Finally Got The Key To His New House:

 Olamilekan Moshood Agbelese popularly known as Laycon was the announced as the proud winner of the popular reality show, Big brother naija. 

  • He won many prizes including a house. But as at that time the key to the house has not been given to him. The key to the house was however given to him not long ago. 
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  • Laycon is now a proud owner of an apartment which is situated in Flourish residents, Bodija, ibeju lekki, Lagos. According to a video posted on social media, Laycon was having a conversation with the estate manager and he couldn’t express his happiness more. Even though he was putting on a face mask one could figure out how happy he was to claim a house which was awarded to him for winning the reality tv show “Big brother naija this year.” Below is the picture of the conversation between laycon and the estate manager.
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