Kemi olunloyo in her tweet , after security operatives where captured on camera hours ago

Kemi olunloyo promised to be at the toll gate
as an activist today…




Days ago, Lagos panel ordered the reopening of Lekki toll gate after it’s closure since the incident of lekki massacre that happened few months ago, and Nigerian youths who probably weren’t satisfied decided to lauch another protest tomorrow.

Nigerian police officers were captured on camera hours ago occupying the Lekki toll gate probably to prevent tomorrow’s protest from happening. However, Kemi Olunloyo who has earlier promised to be part of the protest has taken to her Twitter page to react.

Kemi Olunloyo said in her tweet “I will be at #Lekkitollgate as an ACTIVIST 2/13/21 to ensure the Nigerian constitution is enforced. Protesters speaking out, police with their intimidating show of force on the other side. All Telcos must NOT slow service like 10/20/20