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IRELAND: Violence attack in North Ireland

five police officers sustained injuries after being pelted with petrol bombs and masonry in Belfast, On Sunday night, bringing the total number of police injured at the incidents in Derry and Belfast over the Easter weekend to 32.

tensions in predominantly unionist communities spilled over into violent incidents, with petrol bombs being thrown at PSNI officers and bins and pallets set on fire.

A car was set ablaze and fires used to block roads in Northern Ireland on Monday evening during a fourth night of violence.

Earlier, the PSNI had urged the community leaders to put a stop to the disorder that has taken place throughout much of the last week.

Throughout Monday afternoon, masked loyalist bands marched through the streets in towns across Northern Ireland, including Portadown, Ballymena and Markethil.

The PSNI is carrying out investigation on those marches, whose appear not to have been notified to the Parades Commission.

Both locations have been the scene of unrest among the loyalist communities in recent days.



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