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I broke up with my ex-husband because of violence – Evi Edna Ogholi

After many years, Evi Edna Ogholi came out brighter as she revealed that she is back for good. Quick Tv Africa took out time to interview her to know more about her life, career and most especially her marital life. This was how the interview went.

Let’s meet you ma:

I am Evi Edna Ogholi, I am from Emede in Isoko, Delta State, Nigeria and I am a Regge musician. I stayed briefly in Isoko. I also lived in Port Harcourt, River State.

How has the music career been?

It has been wonderful following the fact that I withdrew for many years, it has been a wonderful journey and I am ready to continue the journey. Jah bless. Rastafari.

What were your first releases?

Emma Ogosi my ex-husband produced my first releases. I did my first release in Nigeria and they were about 7 songs:
1. My kind of music
2. On the move
3. Happy birthday
4. There is no place like home
5. Step by step
6. Bursting loose
7. Jah pikin

These were the rave of those times and still raving high now – always evergreen.

Do you intend to release any new songs soon?

As a matter of fact, I have already released 8 tracks this year and they will be released sometime next year January. I recorded PEACE AND LOVE Album with 8 tracks in it. The album was released for Eno Records LLC, Italy owned by Eno Osagie (Winning Jah), he is a big time Nigerian Regge star from Edo State but currently based in Italy. Joshua Ayemere produced the songs, he is a Nigerian too and he is from Uromi in Edo State, he goes by Jossy Joe.

What have you been doing all this while since you retracted from the music industry?

I used to do voluntary work for UNICEF International , Paris – France. For underprivileged children all over the world. Its called UNICEF INTERNATIONAL PROJECT FRIMOUSSE, PARIS – FRANCE. It was directed by VALERY METZGER (As at this time I have stopped working for them).

I am very Proud that I took part in UNICEF INTERNATIONAL PROJET FRIMOUSSE.
(Frimousse Project, in ENGLISH ).

Now, back to a very sensitive issue. What happened to your marriage with Emma Ogosi?

It’s a long story and I do not want to go into details. I couldn’t stay; I had to leave and after the breakup, I left Nigeria.

Do you have any children from the union?

Yes, I have two adorable children, a son and a daughter. My daughter’s name is Adora Onome Joy and fondly called her Gbi-Gbi. My son’s name is Dumebi Odezi Victor (laughed) yes Victor Vote’s name sake. I fondly called him My Daddy. And I am grateful to God for these gifts.

Looking at the current situation in Nigeria, what have you to say?

Let there be PEACE AND LOVE in the Ghetto. Spread ONE LOVE in a Banlieu, jungle, province, city and in our country and we should all burst and breakdown the walls of Babylon. Rastafari

Any word for your fans?

I want to thank them all for staying with me all these years. To Quick Tv Africa and all other media houses, to Journalists (Radio, Press and TV) in Nigeria and in many countries in Africa for their continued support for so many years.

I also want to thank BBC Pidgin English, also to Helen Oyibo and all my fans out there- I love you. Jah bless. Rastafari.

Proofread & Edited by Doloro Dimoko



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