How to withdraw your Tiktok coins into money to your bank account

How to withdraw your Tiktok coins to money:

Dear Tiktokers

If you are new to TikTok with the mindset of making money from TikTok, then you need to know the payments and withdrawal process,

For instance, 200 TikTok coins are equivalent to $1, and also the minimum withdrawal from TikTok is $1.

That is to say, you can withdraw your money when your coins reach 200 which is $1.

Now the question is how do you withdraw your money from tiktok?

Answer: for you to be able to withdraw your coins then you need to have a PayPal account and for those of you who are in countries or regions where PayPal is not available which means you can not take your money from TikTok through PayPal, do not worry I got you cover, there are other ways you can withdraw your money from TikTok and it can be done if you have a Payoneer account.

You can find the Payoneer app on play store and apple store and download and create an account with them, Payoneer allows you to withdraw your money from your Tiktok directly into your local bank account which is preferable to PayPal.

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