How to stay healthy still old ages, a secret story from Nigerian woman Sefi who is 126 years old

An Nigerian woman, Sefi Oyeyemi, was born in Waru in 1896. She lived through both world wars, saw the country be led by tens of politicians. In the Nigerian book or records she is listed as the oldest living person in the world – on March 14, she turned 126 years old. Sefi managed to outlive not only her peers, but also many children of her peers.

This great-great-grandmother regularly undergoes medical examinations. Every year the doctors say the same thing: she’s as healthy as a horse, she could give astronauts a run for their money in that regard.

Despite such a long life, Sefi Oyeyemi rarely left her countryside home and always refused whenever her children would offer to move her to the city. Her children were, naturally, concerned about leaving a woman of such age alone. But Sefi couldn’t care less about her age.

Sefi Oyeyemi lives in a large wooden house, which was built by her late husband. The elderly woman takes care of the residence. Besides that she also has a 10 acre garden the entirety of which she cultivates annually. Sefi also cares for a brood of hens and her goat, Molly. And surprisingly, the old woman has enough energy for all of this.

We visited the centenarian to interview her and uncover her main secret – how do you live so long and not get ill. While enjoying Mrs. Sefi Oyeyemi lovely tea brew, we realise that she has other concerns besides us. Not wanting to waste her time, we immediately get to the point of our visit.

– Sefi, you have lived such a long life. Much longer than anyone else. How did you manage to do that?

– Yes, I have already repeatedly told everyone who asked me this question (journalists are constant guests in my house). It’s all about clean blood vessels. My dear old friend Ben told me that, back before the war. Ben lived here, he was a herbalist. All the folks from all around would come to him for help, people came even from neighboring towns. But then he got drafted into the army to fight in the war and never came back… We used to be neighbors. He would come over in the evenings usually for tea and we would chat. It was he who told us how to help with pain in this or that part of the body. I had a sister back then. She had some issues with her health. My parents cleaned her blood vessels and subsequently she got better. Ever since then we’ve been sure that clean vessels are the key to excellent health and our whole family would have them cleaned regularly. Unfortunately both our parents died in a tragic accident in 1987. And my sister also lived for a long time, but less than me. She died when she was 95. I also made sure all my kids knew the importance of keeping their vessels clean.

Therefore, the secret of longevity lies in the vessels; they need to be cleaned from time to time. But nobody does that, that’s why they die early. This is especially true for the elderly that reside in cities. They love to take loads of pills and think that they will help them. When I visited my granddaughter in Abuja, I was very surprised by this. People are only 60 but they’re all ill. That’s pills for ya – nothing but toxic chemicals. But if they cleaned their vessels, they would be healthy and active, just like me.

– Sefi, are you saying that if a person with poor health starts cleaning their blood vessels, they will be able to live longer?

– Of course! That’s the whole point. Think about it. Blood flows through the vessels bringing nutrition to all the organs. The better the nutrition, the healthier the organs. Vascular health ensures the health of the rest of the body. But vessels become dirty over time. After all, blood can come to contain dirt and all sorts of indigestible substances that accumulate on the vessel walls. They simply have nowhere else to go. As a result, vessels become corroded, like rusty pipes. The internal organs stop getting enough blood supply. As a result, they “starve” and get ill. The kidneys, stomach, liver and bladder all suffer from poor blood supply. Even the brain does. Imagine if, for example, I stop feeding a cow normally. Naturally, she will immediately fall ill!

But if you restore proper blood supply, your organs will recover. Perhaps, the person won’t live as long as me, but will definitely prolong their life for some time. For 3, 5, and maybe even 10 years. This used to be the dominant aid method, before the advent of pills and the pharmaceutical market.

I just remembered a story. A woman wrote me a letter a long time ago. Her husband suffered terribly from hypertension. Several pre-infarction syndromes. The doctors were predicting a prompt (permanent) end to his suffering. They told the woman to start looking for a burial spot. I was one of those she turned to to cure her beloved. She thought I had a secret or something. I suggested he clean his vessels. That’s my only “secret”. 10 years have passed since then. The man is alive and well and long free of any form of hypertension. Their whole family began to clean the vessels after that. Now they call me every year to wish me a Happy Birthday. I got many similar stories, too.

Journalists often asked me about this too, and I always tell them what I’ve just told you. But, it looks like people ask without actually listening to the answer. Well, they should! If you clean your vessels, you’ll be able to live a long and healthy life! After all, not really much point in longevity if disease is your constant companion.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), vascular contamination is the cause of up to 93% of cases of the development of various diseases: from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract to visual impairment.

And how do you clean your vessels? Do you do it yourself? Could you share your remedy with our readers?

– I used to do it myself. I would gather and prepare herbs specifically for this. But I had more energy before. I would go to the forest and fields myself to gather, dry and prepare everything I needed. I cleaned my vessels once every 2 years. There’s no need to do it more often than that, since that’s the time it takes the vessels to get contaminated. But I don’t gather herbs myself anymore. That requires me to venture into the forest at a specific time. It’s just too much for me.

The last time I did that actually was 15 years ago. My oldest daughter lives in Germany. She prescribes a supplement for me, which I get at a reduced price by post. Currently, I use it to clean my vessels. Leanne, our post-woman, always delivers it right up to my house. This supplement works even better than the herbs. And, like I said, it’s getting too difficult to gather the herbs myself. I may be healthy but i’m still 126, you know? Old age can be slowed down, but it cannot be stopped entirely, after all.

– What is this supplement called?

– Oh, I don’t really remember. I already threw away the package. As for the name, I think you should ask my daughter. I can give you her phone number. Though, she lives in Germany, that call may cost you some money…

Sefi Oyeyemi goes to the other room to look for something. A while later she comes back with a really worn out notebook – Sefi still writes down phone numbers in it, the old fashioned way.

We decided to call Sefi’s daughter in Germany and ask about the supplement. She said that she does indeed order a supplement to clean blood vessels for her Mum. The supplement is called Cardioton.

We decided to find out about this supplement and in general about the procedure for cleaning blood vessels, how useful it is, from an actual doctor. Dr. Jemimah Kariuki, Associate Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences at National Hospital of Nigeria at the University of Abuja agreed to answer our questions.

-Tell us, is it really that beneficial to clean a person’s blood vessels?

– Over time, more and more doctors come to the conclusion that this is indeed an extremely useful procedure that can not only increase life expectancy, but also improve human health. Today, including in other countries, help for various diseases (for example, kidney and liver diseases) is often supplemented with vascular cleaning therapy. Because blood vessels clogged with cholesterol are very bad for health! And this is regarding people without cardiovascular diseases or, for example, hypertension. For those who actually suffer from such malaises vessel cleaning is an absolute must..

– How exactly does Cardioton cleanse a person’s blood vessels?

The effectiveness of cleaning blood vessels by various methods

This supplement contains a special form of vitamin E called alpha-tocopherol. This substance is able to penetrate into the cholesterol molecules and destroy them from the inside. The result of a person undergoing a course cleaning are blood vessels completely free of cholesterol plaque as well as blood clots. 96% of cases the patient’s blood pressure returned to normal almost immediately following the vessel cleaning procedure.

I would like to show you the statistics of the use of the supplement by ordinary patients in our clinic. We carefully record the results of using this product. In total, we have helped about 10,000 patients with Cardioton. Here are their results:

So, as you can see, the results are simply excellent. But this isn’t unexpected.

Cardioton itself is developed by the leading Medical University of Clinical Cardiology in Berlin. In addition to alpha-tocopherol, it also contains about 50 vitamins, macro and microelements that benefit the heart and blood vessels. Here are some of them:

Sefi Oyeyemi, mentioned she’s getting Cardioton at a special price. Do such special conditions exist? Can other people get this price?

– Yes, that very well could be the case. As far as I know, Cardioton is now being distributed at a discounted price by the University of Clinical Cardiology. Anyone living in the Nigeria can get the product. Just leave a request in the order form below. Cardioton is shipped nationwide by post. I recommend it to everyone who wants to clean their vessels. Every single person who underwent this procedure reported that their overall health improved.

There’s just one more thing. I’d like to warn your readers that this year WHO has not allocated the necessary funds to us to continue our programme of sanitary improvements of the public health, launched back in 2021. They say, they’re faced with a lack of funds. But it was under this program that cardiologists distributed Cardioton. Therefore, now they are distributing the remains of the batch, which was purchased last year. And supplies are running out quickly. So, to anyone who would like to clean their vessels using this product, I would advise to order it as soon as possible, while there’s still any left.

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