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Wife battering has become a rampant situation in most marriages, it is also part of the reasons why marriages are broken today when most people were not able to cope with it.

Duchess Wilt has been married to her husband for the past 9 years and she has faced a lot of challenges in her marriage.

She has constantly been assaulted physically causing lot of scars on her body. According to the Duchess Wiltz she made everyone to understand that her husband couldn’t cater for the need of the family.

She states that she is in charge of all financial problems in the house. She also declared that the rent for the house they live in was paid by her and her husband threatened to send her out of the house. He asked her to leave the apartment she paid for.

Here is what Duchess Wiltz said on her social media page.

“Here is the monster he has threatened to kill me if I don’t leave my house for him and my money. Pls somebody should save this for me in case anything  should happen to me tonight.



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