Dr Namadingo to sue Airtel Malawi and COSOMA for copyright issues

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Dr Namadingo to sue Airtel Malawi and COSOMA for copyright issues

COSOMA, Airtel Malawi and all those involved.

I am now ready to have a long dance with the copyright society of Malawi,
KPMG and my Lawyers. This will probably be a very long way to a conclusion. But this will surely satisfy me and hopefully help others too.

Copyright Society Of Malawi is a public office whose mission statement reads ” To promote and protect creative works in which copyright and related rights exist and to ensure that the owners of such works are adequately remunerated.”

I am not a member of COSOMA.
75% of my Music is not registered with COSOMA thou they are responsible for having collected what ever my music is worth in Malawi since 2008. They collect from radio and TV play “they say” after DJ’s tick some boxes after each play “they say”. Iv been to radios no one ticking the said boxes. What a scam. I’m yet to see these documents soon.

I have received cheques in my name from COSOMA before. Once received a cheque from COSOMA with an attachment indicating Airtel Malawi paid me for caller tunes. Yet I have never submitted or signed any documents that authorized Airtel to use my music as their caller tunes. Still Airtel was playing/selling my music and paying through COSOMA. Who knows how much they really sold the music as compared to how much they were paying the creator? Just here is what we have decided to pay you after not consulting you. All this through COSOMA who I hope has been given the right by the copyright act to collect the money on my behalf without my consent.

I have all the time to concentrate and bring all guns to COSOMA and everyone that has been involved like Airtel Malawi. “When others work so hard and get so little from those claiming to be the protectors of our hard work.”

I will publish all that my Lawyers find out and have an independent audit done.
This office works with a lot of people that don’t ask questions. Only a handful.

Well I will bring my questions and of all those that wish to question COSOMA, I’m sure there is an army. It just needed a General



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