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Dating Relationship Series: Episode 3: Nice Guy

Step outside of your comfort zone when you approach a woman. Invite her to grab a drink at another bar or to go for coffee. Ask her if she wants to go for a drive. Be spontaneous. Make her make an immediate commitment to do something with you right now.

You can be mysterious and unpredictable without violating your own values. A nice guy doesn’t have to wait to call the next day. Take command of the situation. Assume that she wants to see you and proceed from that premise.

Many times a nice guy waits for a woman to give him some indication that she is interested. While this protects him from being rejected, it is a deadly mistake. Women take their cues from the men they are with. While some feminists will claim this is not true, on the battlefield of love, you have to assume it is a given. It can be scary to put yourself out there, but if you donít you wonít succeed.

Most girls know that nice guys exist because they turn to them to sob when their relationships with Jerks fall apart. But, they are not aware of nice guys in the bar because the nice guy simply isn’t ‘available’ even if he’s there.

Have you ever been the sob shoulder when a woman says all guys are Jerks. She may not even be recognizing that you take these feelings to heart. Or, she may say something like ìpresent company excepted.

But the real reason that she sees all guys in the Jerk is because the Jerk is the one who comes up and talks to her. The Jerk has taken the risky move of initiating contact.

Now, to be fair, the Jerk doesn’t see making contact as risky, because it’s all about him. But, if you see approaching a woman as risky, you still have to do it. If the only men that a lady meets in a night out are a series of Jerks, when she has to choose who to go home with, it will invariably be a Jerk.

Jerks intrinsically know that it is not a woman’s job to approach a guy. The guys have to initiate contact. If you want somebody, you have to go after her.

You should realize that most women will welcome your company. You will be a relief after the series of Jerks they have met that evening and on other nights out. Women really do want to meet good men, itís just that the Jerks are the only ones who seem to be available in their experience.

Episode 4 will pick up tomorrow where this article leaves off.



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