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Dating Relationship Series: Episode 2: Nice Guy

Jerks are Self-Centered

You need to know that the biggest thing a Jerk has going for him is that he doesn’t care about other people. His focus is entirely on his own pleasures, thoughts, and feelings. When he sees something (or someone) he wants, he goes after it. A Jerk is totally self centered. He makes his own rules. He doesn’t let anyone; especially women walk all over him.

You, on the other hand, see a beautiful girl and act intimidated. You think she is out of your league you are trying to see things from her perspective.

A Jerk doesn’t care about her perspective. He just sees a hot babe and goes after her. If he doesn’t succeed, he goes after the next girl and doesn’t take it personally. Because he is not emotionally invested in the reaction of the girl (he only cares about himself, remember), he is able to approach a wide array of attractive women.

You might also be aware of what others think about you. If a girl rejects you, you worry that other guys might think less of you. A Jerk doesn’t care about other people, remember. He only cares about himself. Therefore, he is incapable of losing face in front of friends or peers.

When you go out to pick up women, you should focus on your goals alone. Set aside the fear of the woman or the other guys at the bar judging you. This gives you a great deal of power. This focus on meeting your own needs and desires is key to success with women.

Jerks Don’t Hesitate in Approaching Women

Do you want to know what the single most important thing you can do to get a beautiful woman? Go up to her and talk to her. It’s so simple. Wayne Gretzky said “you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.’

So many nice guys don’t approach the women they are interested in. They are too shy or too intimidated by the beautiful women they see. Instead, they hang back and stare at her like a dummy. They wish they had the fortitude to actually go up and meet her.

Jerks, on the other hand, don’t hesitate to approach the girl. Remember, they are not worried about whether she will like them. They don’t care about her reaction, they only care about their desires. Instead of worrying about rejection, they think about how much fun it will be to make out with her.

If a girl rejects a Jerk, he assumes there’s something wrong with her. One Jerk I knew asked women if they were lesbians if they didn’t want to sleep with him. In his own mind, there must be something “wrong” with the woman if she didn’t want him. The Jerk doesn’t think that he is too ugly or not charming enough. It’s her not him.

Because the Jerk is easily able to approach a girl and start talking to her puts him at an advantage over nice guys. The Jerk is interacting; therefore he has the ability to score. The nice guy is sitting on the sidelines and isn’t in the position of putting the ball across the yard line.

Episode 3 in this series picks up where this article left off



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