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BUSINESS: Why you must join Norland and Longrich network marketing
It worked for you doesn’t mean it will work for others. So don’t keep enemies cause they refuse to join your network marketing business. You are always using Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump to market the idea of network marketing. I am yet to see any as rich as they are. These great men never started with network marketing but rather innovations that they know can change the cause of history.
One is to create an idea and the other is to market it. How can they market it so fast and start earning from it? Let’s use people who wants to be rich as quick as possible and where can you find these AFRICA and Asia.
One thing about product marketing, you don’t beg people to buy it.  A company who recruit people just to makes sales will sell but leave many who are aspiring to get rich through them in abject regret and many I have interviewed hated Norland, Longrich, FLP etc, hence Colgate toothpaste now sells even more than Longrich cause William Colgate saw the need for oral hygiene in 1873 hence the creation of Colgate-Palmolive and using it to enrich himself was not his first attempt but to help humanity and in so doing the universe compensates you.
Few years back Colgate-Palmolive wanted to join the league of network marketing businesses to get more wealth but realise it was absolute modern day slavery cause a fraction of the income generated yearly are actually been shared amongst networkers and looking at the incentives you will find out that you must have worked more than 1000% of before you can even get a 100,000 naira bonus. So why gain more when we can make our product better and let it market it self without bugging ourselves with lots of staff who majority of them will end up broke from trying to meetup target.
Imagine selling Longrich toothpaste to 100,000 people in Nigeria via pyramid scheme, we are looking at over 100,000,000 naira income into Longrish account. SO what is 4 million naira hyundai when that same car will be used as bait to get more marketers.
Article by Victor Vote



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