AUSTRALIA: Fake Uber driver found guilty of sexual assault.


A Brisbane man was found guilty of sexually assaulting five women during night trips in September 2018.

Within a period of two~week , five different women were his victims.

According to one of the victims , Megan Hackwood , said “I was heading home after a night out in Brisbane when a car pulled up and claimed to be the Uber I ordered, I got on and could not send the location to my partner, and I thought I have gotten to the right car”

With the doors locked, Samaranayake exposed himself and demanded she stroke the excess skin on his stomach and forced her to rub his genitals.

“Basically grabbed my arm and as soon as that happened, I just completely froze up,” Ms Hackwood said.

A jurry today delivered a verdict on Samaranayake’s case , finding him guilty of 18 charges, including sexual assault and deprivation of liberty.