Acquisition of Qutazine Canada – African Business journal by Quick Tv Africa Limited


Today, 2nd of December 2020, the management and directors of Quick Tv Africa Limited acquired the Calgary, Canada based African Art and Culture magazine which has featured top African leaders, entertainers and communities over the years has served a link between Africans and their cultures.

The magazine featured the Zambian 2021 Presidential Aspirant in 2018 and also Miss Kego Ratsie Botswana legendary actress.

The acquisition of Qutazine will propel the scope and widen the reach across all sectors thereby empowering African businesses via information, research and recognition of striving businesses and African business owners across the world.

Sir Victor Vote (Founder/CEO of Quick Tv Africa Limited) speaking via video conference said the need to acquire Qutazine was necessary seeing that the magazine had stayed too long after two years without publication. He also emphasized the need to continue the promotion of African art and culture in one of the segment either monthly and quarterly.

Sir Vote congratulated Mr Royal Okafor the company’s director for agreeing to the move and seeing a smooth transition. This is making the third company acquired within a year including the founding of Isoko University of Digital Technology.

Royal Okafor also made the announcement to all other directors of the company in Nigeria, Ghana, Botswana and Tanzania.

The magazine is set to commence operations in February 2021