You must have been in a situation whereby your phone fall in the water. Yes all phones are prone to fall in water but when it does how we deal with this situation matters a lot because your phone is in the risk of spoiling if you’re careless with it.

And most of our phones can be so much expensive that we can’t afford to lose them because of the high cost of such phone. Some phones are waterproof such that water can’t penetrate into them, what if you’re not using that kind of phone then the question now will be what should I do when my phone fall in the water that is very easy full stop after reading this article will be able to deal with such situation. Below are steps to take when your phone fall in the water.

1. Turn your phone off immediately:

The moment you remove the phone from the water comma turn it off immediately because when an active circuit is wet it can be more severe than wetting an off-circuit. If you could put of your phone immediately is can prevent it for major damages

2. Wash the phone with a damp cloth:

This step is not meant for phones that fall in water rather foe phones that fall in salt water, beer, liquid soap and other liquid. Salt water is one of the liquids you should prevent from your phone totally because it can be very corrosive. Use damp cloth to dry it immediately.

3. Take out removable parts:

When your phone fall in liquid it is best for you not to panic so you won’t shake the phone unknowingly because it can move the liquid around inside the phone. As soon as the phone falls in the water remove the Sim card, SD card and battery if it is removable.

4. Dry it with a soft towel:

Use dry cloth or towel to clean the phone and the parts where the Sim card and battery was meant to be. Avoid using tissue paper since particles of the tissue can enter ports of the phone.

5. Place the phone in a dry place:

Leave your phone to dry. Never dey your using a fan or external heat source like hair dryer. Also avoid pressing keys on your phone.

6. Wait until it is dry to switch it on:

After one or two days go back to the place where you placed the phone and switch it on when it is dry.

7. Monitor it:

When you switch on your phone, if it is dry, it works efficiently. Test the phone on various task such as playing games, playing music, taking pics and so on. If any problem is detected afterwards then you can go ahead to repair it.

If after following all these steps, you find out that your phone is not responding then it is time to change your phone and when next you wanna purchase another one make sure it is water resistant.